Welcome to The Tiny Vegan Life !

A passion for animals, nature, the environment, cooking vegan food and learning about the best eco-friendly alternatives to our day-to-day conundrums is the driving force behind this blog.

What you can find here

Post after post, my wish is for this blog to provide a place where knowledge and inspiration to live vegan and to lessen our impact on our home the Earth can be accessed without judgement, without making anyone feel inadequate or less than just because they are not in the same place on their journey. Loving animals enough to take the time to do some research and to be here is immense, and I am so grateful to each and every person who stops by.

In this space, all stems from kindness, care and thoughtfulness, which of course also means informative and well-researched content.

Loving animal persons in the same way as we are capable of loving human persons can bring so much to our lives and to our interactions with our world. Which is why those who already are vegan and want to delve deeper into this lifestyle will be right at home here. But those who are on their path towards veganism, or simply just ‘vegan-curious’ will hopefully also find a welcoming little space too.

Here you will find find some thought provoking articles, a call to question what you believe and an encouragement to think about topics that may not pertain to everyday practical veganism. Including this kind of reflection helps us to answer our own questions from a different perspective. Short, practical posts in the form of quick recipes or tips, as well as product reviews, how-to’s, which is best – type articles have their place here too.

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The philosophy behind the Tiny Vegan Life

I feel like there is no perfect person, and there is no perfect vegan, and being vegan does not make us perfect. But if we strive to better ourselves, we must do so by always trying to be ‘in the know’.

On my own vegan journey, I’ve made mistakes, done a lot of research and learned a lot. I’ve spent so much time on so many different blogs and YouTube channels and books. I love so many of them, but I have never found one that compiled all the answers I was looking for. Of course, I am by no means suggesting that my blog is comprehensive enough to include everything one could wish to know about the vegan lifestyle, but it is a place where no topic must be excluded, at least for now. And if I ever find one message that I am truly one of the best at delivering, then I might choose to do so…

Who am I?

My name is Agnès, and my personal vegan journey started quite a while ago. After being vegetarian for many years, when I turned 20 I felt like I was no longer doing enough to call myself an animal lover, so I quit dairy and eggs… for a short time. The main reason for my failure? I didn’t have access to all the information (and products!) we have now and I had no idea what I was doing, which led to my becoming sick, before eventually giving up.

Yet, I knew it was possible, so I started doing some research and a few years later I was ready to do it right. Not only did I never turn back (that was over 5 years ago) but I also never stopped researching and being curious of the many ways others were implementing veganism into their lives.

Eventually, after years of being too busy, too full of self doubt, too focused on other things, I started to feel like my life was shifting again and beckoning me to start sharing what I had learned along the way, connecting with people who might need some inspiration to make their own transition, and letting this new calling be a form of activism. It is something to act in our own little corner. It is wonderful in its own right and is for sure how the world changes on a global scale. But to be an inspiration to others, just like so many had inspired me thus far, was my new objective.

In the course of my few years spent on this Earth, I’ve been successful at a number of things. If I dare say so myself, some things that others have even found admirable… but some sense of purpose was always lacking from it all. My achievements didn’t truly bring me any sense of self-worth because they didn’t align with my true values, my higher purpose. For this reason, I now choose to dedicate my time and effort to what fills my life to the brim, to what makes me feel grateful and in awe of what I get to behold every day of being alive.

Please feel welcome to share your own thoughts with me, on here or via my Instagram @the_tiny_vegan_life : I would love to hear from you!